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Successful Business in the United Arabian Emirates

United Arabian Emirates offers a great platform for establishment of companies in Dubai as well as other cities of the country. A stable economy, incredible opportunities for business development and growth make the country one of the most amazing places to set up your business. In order to make your company prosper, you have to know the system from the inside and have enough experience in the business world of the United Arabian Emirates. It can be quite frustrating and difficult to manage the process of company formation and registration when you are not familiar with the current legislation regarding this process. But, this issue can be solved immediately, as this is exactly the knowledge and expertise that we are able to provide you at A1 Business Services.

What is A1 Business Services?

A1 Business Services is a successful company offering high-quality services in the sphere of business consulting in Dubai and in other big cities of the country. The goal of A1 Business Services is to help you in the tedious process of preparing all the right documentation, obtaining visas and assisting in other legal procedures on the way of setting up your business in UAE. Our team, which consists of professional consultants, recruitment specialists and business registration experts, will provide you with the services for successful company formation. With the help of our team you have nothing to worry about and the process of new company registration in Dubai becomes a lot less stressful and much faster.

Starting your business in Dubai

While there are a lot of opportunities for conduction of business activity, there are certain regulations and legal terms that have to be carefully followed before a company can be registered in Dubai. The rules regarding new company registration in Dubai are quite elaborate and strict, but the process of registration is definitely worth going through, as the working opportunities for companies in Dubai are very favorable.

When we talk about successful launching or expansion of the business to UAE, one of the first steps is obviously receiving UAE visa, which grants an appropriate permission to work on the territory of the country. Having a special access and the ability to reach out to the Ministry of Immigration and Foreign Affairs, our professional team has the opportunity to obtain a corresponding visa without any difficulties. If you decide to work with our company, we will be able to help at every step of the visa obtaining procedure. Another thing to remember is that the working visa might not be the only one you will need. When family members of foreign employees want to visit the country for several weeks or months, they would have to receive the visiting visa. Our company is able to ensure obtaining of such visas in the shortest terms possible.

Dubai Business Registration

Due to the fact that the laws concerning Dubai business registration of the companies in UAE are fairly complicated, it is important to be aware of all the nuances of the registration. The team of experts at A1 Business Services will make sure you receive the most valuable consultation and facilitate the registration process. Successful registration and launching of the business in Dubai will ensure long-term success of the company and help you avoid any future complications and problems.

There are certain differences in business registration of the companies owned by UAE nationals and foreign country nationals. The nationals of the UAE have the opportunity to set up any type of business, including Joint Liability Company, Shareholding Company, Individual Proprietorship Business, Limited Liability Company, and others. In order to do that they have to follow the standard procedure envisaged in each case.

When it comes to setting up the offshore company in the economic zone of Dubai, you would have to have the national of the country act as your guarantor. However, you can start a business with no tax for up to fifty years under full ownership on the territory of ten free zones.

Business owners from Gulf Cooperation Council Countries follow the same procedure of registration as UAE nationals. However, there are some restrictions regarding certain business activities, such as publishing, printing, business related to old ages homes, and some other.

The procedure of registration is different for those who are not UAE nationals or don’t belong to the countries of GCC. In order to register your company, you should appoint a local service agent or at least one national of UAE as your representative. This applies to any type of business you may have, whether it is an individual business or a shareholding company.

Offshore Company Registration

Registration of the offshore companies in Dubai is applicable to the companies, which are already present in other countries and plan on doing the business in UAE. The options of business establishment include:

  • Formation of the branch with the same business activities as the parent company. The activity should comply with the regulations of UAE.
  • When it comes to Private or Public Shareholding Company and Limited Liability Company, there should be at least one local employee working for the company. Also, 51 % of the shareholding should belong to UAE national.

At A1 Business Services we always develop a personalized approach to every registration case in order to achieve the results without any delays and complications.

Obtaining the Trade License

Setting up the company in another country in the world is most certainly not an easy task because of the differences in the regulations and laws of these countries. UAE is not an exception when it comes to obtaining of the registration and the trade license. Dubai, being the most important trade and financial center of UAE is definitely an amazing place to start your business project. In order to avoid dealing with difficult and confusing procedure of the company’s registration, you have a great opportunity to use our experience and expertise in this field. All you have to do is provide A1 Business Services with initial package of necessary documents and we will be able to assist you with further registration process.

The papers necessary for provision by both nationals of the UAE and foreign citizens include company’s license and registration documents, approval for the business practice issued by the court and passport copy of the applicant. Moreover, in some cases other documents received from government authorities may be necessary. When it comes to nationals of non-GCC countries, they will also have to provide copy of the visa, residence permit and no-objection letters from the sponsor and director’s sponsor. If you need to find lost super fund - you should track lost super though AussieSuperFinder.

Which steps should be taken in order to set up a successful business in UAE?

There are certain essential steps, which should be taken to establish any company in UAE. The crucial thing you have to do is obviously determine the sphere of activities under the license, as there are certain limitations. Afterwards, a good idea would be to look for suitable premises and get initial rental agreement. The next step is the recruitment process, which involves determining the number of employees, getting work visa for expats and registration of local employees in the Ministry of Labor. After that, you can apply for initial approval of your company’s activity and other information, which can be obtained in the Department of Economic Development. The registration procedure takes place after initial approval and requires a package of business documents to receive the trade license. Only after you receive the trade license in original, you’re able to apply for the Establishment Card, which is issued by the General Directorate of Residency.

However, this time-consuming process can be made much easier and faster if you trust your business in our hands.

Which services are provided by our company?

The biggest priority is to provide you with the best registration services in the area and we constantly work on improving our company. Such approach has earned us a client base consisting of business owners from all over the world. Professional services provided by our company include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation of the right papers necessary for registration of the company in Dubai;
  • Getting work visas or visiting visas;
  • Finding the most appropriate sponsor for your business activity;
  • Preparation and submission of legal forms for Ministries departments;
  • Registration of the offshore companies in Dubai;
  • Obtaining of the trade license;
  • Renewal of the labor card;
  • Opening of the bank account for the company;
  • Changing of the business activities of the company;
  • Receipt of the Establishment Card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Finding the best office premises and organizing the procedure of renting.

This is the list of the basic services provided by our company for company’s registration. Besides that, A1 Business Services are able to assist you in the recruitment process by hiring the most qualified and highly professional employees in the field. Moreover, our company is always ready to help you figure out the requirements concerning successful management and marketing in UAE, thus ensuring that you make the most out of the working opportunities available to you.

So, if you have decided to start a company or expand your business to UAE, contact our company and our team will be able to provide you with efficient solutions to any issues that you might encounter along the way.


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