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A1 Business Services LLC




A1 Business Services LLC is widely known both in and beyond UAE. For many years we have been assisting Dubai citizens and foreign entrepreneurs in starting their own business. Our vast possibilities and cooperation with state authorities allows us to provide you with wide range of services necessary for opening business in Dubai.

With our rich experience in business field, registration of new companies in Dubai in particular, and our workers being as competent in action as they are in theory, we can consult you and warn you about all the pitfalls small business may come across.



Currently we offer wide range of services for entrepreneurs:

  • Company Formation in Dubai
  • Company Registration
  • Company Setup
  • Company Incorporation
  • Dubai Trade License
  • Dubai Business Setup Consultancy
  • Renewal of Labor Card
  • Renewal of Trade License
  • Obtaining Visas for employees, founder, family members
  • Renewal of Visas or cancellation
  • Introducing you to the right sponsor
  • Assisting you in all the processes of registering you business
  • Obtaining trade license
  • Changing commercial name or activities
  • Opening account with local banks
  • Searching for best office premises and getting approval from Dubai



We aim to help entrepreneurs to legally open their business, register their company and run their business according to UAE principles of law.  We are open to any business ideas and our company is ready to aid in starting your own business in Dubai from the ground.
— A1 Business Services LLC


Available Services

Company Formation in Dubai

The rules and legal terms that apply to company formations in Dubai

United Arab Emirates offers a vast arena for national and offshore company formation Dubai or in any of the other emirates, thus allowing such companies to explore all the possibilities in their field of business. The rules and legal terms that apply to company formations in Dubai are in the same lines applicable to all the other cities in relation to company formations in UAE.

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UAE Company Registration

Assisting you for saving in terms of Investment toward Company Registration Dubai

Have you finalized the decision of setting up a business in the UAE, especially in its famous economic hub – Dubai? If your answer is ‘yes’, you have to start the foundation work very carefully as the law in relation to the UAE company registration is one of the strictest in the world.

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UAE Company Setup

Get your Dubai Company Incorporation and obtain a Trade License

Starting a company, a small venture business or opening a branch anywhere in the world is an enormous task and involves adhering to certain regulations and jurisdictions levied in the countries. However, the difficulty level is not the same and so, while one country like Saudi Arabia may have easier procedures; company setup in UAE could overwhelm one considerably.

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